Fundamo provides comprehensive post implementation support under the control of our Support Manager. 


With any time anywhere transacting comes the responsibility to ensure that your solution is always up.  The days of limited service hours is long gone.  Your customers demand 24/7/365 and we want to make sure you live up to that expectation.  And because we have been doing this for longer than most this is how we do it:

  • Dedicated account management;
  • Professional project management for ongoing change requests and support calls;
  • Skilled support team available 24/7 to assist with any issues you may have;
  • Defined support procedures encompassing standard contractual obligations in terms of:
    • response times,
    • mutually defined service level agreements,
    • error and fault rectification;
  • Infrastructure that mirrors your systems to:
    • replicate any faults or issues
    • test your specific deliverables (including stress testing and user acceptance testing)
    • real time access to your installation when necessary


And because you chose a product, from a company that is the leader in the field of mobile banking and payments, you can rest assured that we will apply the latest trends, by way of regular product upgrades, to ensure that your solution is never out of date.


Developing great software and solutions for mobile banking and payments has always been more than just a business for us at Fundamo.  Our passion is to help our clients make a difference to how people everywhere experience banking and payments.


We are as serious about your business success as you are.