Mobile Solutions for Individuals


At the heart of mobile banking and payments is consumer convenience. A perfect marriage of technology and consumer need, to which the Fundamo solution adds a rich set of business applications.


Mobile banking and payment services, however, have unique appeal and specific utility for different consumer segments.

At the bottom of the economic pyramid, where access to banking services is limited, where traditional banking infrastructure is sparse, the combined effect of mobile phone coverage and low cost transacting offers real benefits to consumers to pay bills, transfer money, repay loans and buy airtime.


At the top of the economic pyramid there is a new generation of users embracing a mobile, always on the go lifestyle.  Even though consumers are well served by both banking and alternate electronic payment options, mobile banking delivers an increased level of convenience and customer service.  To all of these consumers it unlocks the power of an ‘always-on’ connection to a personal device; anywhere, anytime - checking an account balance, paying for tickets, transferring cash, buying airtime …


Providing these services is an increasingly strategic imperative for banks, mobile operators, 3rd party payment processors, retailers and many other businesses. The value proposition is compelling, unlocking new revenue streams, reducing costs, optimising the utilisation of existing infrastructure and reducing customer turnover.


Fundamo’s mobile applications for the individual


Mobile banking

Instead of travelling to the bank, you can now do your banking on your mobile phone (including balance enquiries, mini-statements, fax statement requests, inter-account transfers and changing your PIN).

Person-to-person payment
Money transfer.

Paying just got easier. Fundamo enables real-time person-to-person payments and payments to accounts at other banks. You can even create shortcuts on your phone for regular person-to-person payments.

Prepaid airtime top-up

Need more airtime? Fundamo allows you to buy prepaid airtime for yourself or someone else via virtual vouchers or direct recharge, directly from your account.

Prepaid electricity purchase

Top up your power supply. Buy prepaid electricity directly from your mobile phone, without having to log on to the internet or travel to an outlet.

Bill payment
Retail purchasing. Micro-finance.

With Fundamo you can receive notifications of amounts due and pay the bill directly from your mobile phone. Convenience and security all in one.

Card mobile enablement

Manage your bank card from your mobile phone, e.g. link new cards to your accounts, temporarily stop a card to prevent abuse, reactivate a card or change your card PIN.

Mobile authentication

A mobile banking PIN on your mobile phone authenticates you for transacting privileges. This PIN also enables two-factor authentication for logging onto the internet, identifying yourself to the call centre and authorising payments when necessary.


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