Mobile Solutions for Business


Say mobile banking and payments, see blue-sky opportunities. With the mobile phone becoming a point-of-sale device or a mini-ATM, it facilitates limitless new business opportunities - vending virtual products, acting as a bill collector or acting as a mini ATM, enabling cash deposits and withdrawals for customers.


Banks and mobile operators could therefore include their merchant and dealer networks in delivering these services to consumers. Allowing these players to become part of the new mobile banking and payments infrastructure.


This presents exciting business options for entrepreneurs. It opens up countless opportunities for banks and mobile operators to extend their network of merchants and agents - and hence the portfolio of services offered through them.


The real business benefit however comes from moving these services closer to the consumer. Wherever they are. Making your services more accessible and solving real-life problems - The key to unlocking the vast potential of mobile banking and payment services.


Fundamo’s Mobile applications for business


Business mobile banking

With Fundamo the mobile phone becomes a powerful business tool for receiving payments, refunding and performing basic banking functions, including balance enquiries, inter-account transfers, and account information requests across multiple mobile devices.

Airtime vending

Enrich your offering by vending prepaid airtime to customers’ mobile phones. Airtime can be distributed using virtual vouchers or can be directly applied to the customer’s prepaid airtime account. This includes management of hierarchies and commissions.

Vending third party products

Boost revenues by vending virtual products or services, such as prepaid electricity. Fundamo allows for the management of vendor commissions through a hierarchy of vendors and sub-vendors.

Bill collecting

Collect payments and settle customers’ bills from payments made via their mobile phones or a GSM POS device.

Mini ATM

As Fundamo supports deposit and withdrawal transactions from the mobile phone or GSM POS device, your business can act as a mini ATM by collecting or dispensing cash from your till.

Business to business payments

Streamline your business transactions. Use your mobile phone for real-time payments to suppliers. Or effortlessly make payments to accounts at another bank. Manage risk exposure through dual authorisation and limits per employee.

Delivery payments (COD) Remove the risk and expense of cash management. Enable your supply chain to authorise payments in real time, at the point of delivery. Caters for funds reservation to avoid delays and credit issues.

Mobile authentications

A mobile banking PIN on your mobile phone authenticates you for transacting privileges. This PIN also enables two-factor authentication for logging on to the internet site, identifying yourself to the call centre and authorising payments.


Contact us for more information on how the Fundamo suite of Mobile banking and payment modules for businesses can unlock new revenue streams and access new markets in your community.