Solution Suite



Fundamo has the most comprehensive suite of proven mobile applications on offer today.  Since our first deployment in 2000 we have been adding and refining our solution set to provide you with a compelling array of applications based on the following principles:

  • Our solutions is clearly based on a provable business case, which means that for each we can identify the potential revenue streams, cost savings and other benefits with which to build up the business justification.
  • We’ve modularised the product suite to allow the flexibility to design and configure the optimal product offering required for your customer and your market
  • Interoperability across mobile operators, banks, switches and other Fundamo deployments means you can target wider customer base
  • We are first and foremost a product driven solution resulting in easier customisation, quicker implementation and reduced ongoing maintenance costs - we take the pain and risk out of your project
  • Secure, guaranteed and real-time transactions mean convenience and peace of mind for your customers
  • By leveraging technology that is already in place our solutions allow you to offer transacting that is affordable for everyone
  • And because at the end of the day you are running a business we’ve incorporated the administrative and support features necessary to make your business work.


Our products suite is built around functionality for individuals and your business community.


For the individual the convenience of an ‘always-on’ connection utilising a personal device enabling mobile transacting anywhere, anytime means that – checking an account balance, making a payment, paying a bill, transferring cash, buying airtime has never been easier or quicker…


For business users the mobile phone becomes a point-of-sale device or a mini-ATM, it facilitates limitless new business opportunities - vending virtual products, acting as a bill collector or a mini ATM, enabling cash deposits and withdrawals for customers. The scope of transactions and business opportunities is limitless…