Case Studies
Telenor Pakistan

In 2010 Telenor Pakistan launched easypaisa, a branchless banking service, powered by Fundamo. The award winning service has seen unprecedented success, and Easypaisa outlets now surpass the number of bank branches in Pakistan. In July 2010, Pakistan was hit by devastating floods. Telenor Pakistan made it possible for the people in Pakistan make donations to relief organisations using easypaisa. easypaisa is now one of the most successful mobile financial services in the world with more than one million customers.

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MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda remains one of the world's most successful MFS deployments. In a year after launching, the service had registered more than one million users, 16% of its subscriber base. Today, it remains one of the world's most successful MFS deployments. The success of the service, however, has gone far further than simply connecting the previously unbanked. The introduction of mobile payments has led to a fundamental shift in the rural and peri-urban economies.

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Pakistan MCB

The Pakistan government established the “branchless banking” regulation as a foundation for increasing financial inclusion in the country. As a leading bank, MCB set a goal to grow 3 to 5 times in the next three years and it needed a low cost, fully functional banking product to expand its customer base. Fundamo allowed MCB to achieve its customer growth targets by delivering a secure mobile banking platform with fast time-to-market and zero investment in hardware and infrastructure enabling low cost service for customers. Fundamo delivered a dual authentication solution that is operator agnostic and can run on all five mobile networks in Pakistan.

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