Fundamo is a private company incorporated in 1999 by a group of individuals with a wealth of experience in the financial services and mobile banking and payments arena.


The company is backed by two large blue-chip external shareholders: VenFin and Sanlam. 



VenFin is an investment holding company, which currently focuses predominantly on businesses within the telecommunication, technology and media markets. The group manages its investments actively through regular dialogue with other shareholders, directors and management of investee companies. It also currently has shareholding in companies such as PSiTek, Dimension Data, Tracker and Idion.


Sanlam is a major financial services company in South Africa. It is listed on the JSE Securities Exchange in Johannesburg and on the Namibian Stock Exchange. The Sanlam Group conducts its business from four main clusters: life insurance; short-term insurance; investment and independent financial services.

Both VenFin and Sanlam have been investors in Fundamo since its inception and continue to provide valuable input.


HBD Venture Capital invests in early stage South African companies with high growth potential. Through its board representation, HBD provides strategic direction to ultimately grow its investments to profitable exit. It recently launched a second fund, which over the next two years will make six to eight investments ranging from R10-million to R25-million per investment. HBD’s name is short for ‘Here Be Dragons’ - a term used in ancient times to mark unchartered territories on maps and was founded by Mark Shuttleworth in 2000.