A powerful combination of technology excellence, experience and best practices is the key to delivering successful business outcomes


We call it the Fundamo Methodology


A key contributor to Fundamo’s success is our eight years of experience in delivering successful mobile banking and payment projects in many diverse markets.

The success of these projects depends on so much more than just great technology. To deliver the business outcomes that you envisage requires a completely business-driven approach.


Based on the Best Practices we have developed, we engage the client as early as possible in a project, at concept phase, by agreeing to and refining the business models and product design. We maintain this relationship all the way through to the eventual deployment and establishment of effective operations management. Our view, therefore, is long-term and sustainable.


We approach the project holistically to achieve successful business outcomes. Our comprehensive methodology identifies every element required for the project, resulting in a cohesive program to manage and deliver your new business.


This is the power of the Fundamo Methodology