Fundamo Professional Services


In line with our Fundamo methodology, we’re committed to successful business outcomes. Our professional services team has successfully deployed the technology at each of our client sites and has significant experience in this complex domain. The projects that we’ve implemented range from vending solutions to a mobile bank.


Business Consulting


We assist with developing and/or or refining and confirming the business models and business case. We ensure that the project plan covers all the business and technical work elements essential to delivering a successful project. This would cover topics as diverse as developing the sales and marketing strategy to the organisational design and infrastructure aspects.


Design Approach


Central to Fundamo’s design approach are joint work sessions that present best practices which are then customised to conform to our clients’ requirements.


These apply to security, integration and infrastructure as well as to the essential business processes that will be required by a client to operate a successful mobile financial service. 


Examples of these processes include:

  • Account registration
  • Re-issuing of PINs
  • Customer and technical support
  • Operational roles and responsibilities as well as
  • Authorisation levels, fees and limits, profiles, dispute management and organisational design


Project Timeline


The elapsed time from your commitment to launching the solution ranges from 4 to 18 weeks and is determined primarily by the amount and complexity of the integration or customisation required.


The project involves all of the aspects listed below:

  • Product definition: will involve detailed scoping workshops so that the final detailed design and integration design can be signed off
  • Project Initiation: including resource planning
  • Detailed Analysis and design: our business analyst will develop the use cases that will be used for your unique solution and incorporate the customisation and integration aspects
  • Development Integration: the anticipated time required to build the interfaces and develop the customised aspects of the client solution
  • Fundamo Testing: will involve testing on the Fundamo infrastructure
  • Installation: this is the deployment, configuration & integration testing of all the hardware and Fundamo related software
  • Functional Training: users are trained over five days on the functional components of the system
  • Technical Training: a technical resource is assigned for a period of three days to provide in-depth training on the technical side of the system