Technology Overview


The Fundamo suite of Mobile banking solutions has been designed and has been proven to deliver on the following key constructs:

  • Availability - Fundamo has been designed to be available 24/7. There may be small periods of downtime to facilitate upgrades of software and hardware.
  • Extensibility - The system consists of modules that are plugged together. By adding new modules or configuring existing ones the system can be extended and customised for new clients. The channel layer is completely flexible and can facilitate communications from a wide variety of devices.
  • Interoperability - The system can be configured to utilize different mobile network providers and mobile device interfaces. The Fundamo system can also be integrated into existing banking systems. All Fundamo systems are also interoperable with one another.
  • Scalability - The Fundamo system can be scaled horizontally and vertically to facilitate large numbers of accounts and/or large transaction volumes.
  • Performance - The system is multi-threaded and can process transactions with sub-second response times. Due to its scalability it can process across threads, machines or networks.
  • Security - A banking compliant security server has been built to support the Fundamo system.


Extensibility = Ease of implementation


Use of Java implies that Fundamo applications will run on any Java Virtual Machine.
Fundamo solutions are service based with logical boundaries and configurable components to facilitate the easy integration with host/external systems in addition the Fundamo mobile solutions have incorporated a number of key aspects:

  • XML for internal messaging and external integration;
  • Extensive use of style sheets for configuration;
  • ISO8583 for integration with financial systems;
  • Java based;
  • J2EE compliant;
  • Use of standard SQL;
  • Data persistence layer for data base independence etc.


All software components are loosely coupled to facilitate easy plug in of specific client implementations with defined interfaces. Contracts between components are defined using these interfaces. Fundamo is experienced in connecting to a variety of different systems using different technologies e.g. EJB, SOAP, CORBA, external dll’s etc,


Multi channel architecture


Fundamo has the widest selection of channels and has designed a channel architecture that enables the product to support multiple device types, communication protocols and security models as well as the ability to incorporate new channels quickly and easily. 


Examples of channels currently supported by Fundamo include IVR and multiple mobile phone technologies such as SIM browsers (WIG and [email protected]), WAP, USSD, Java and structured-SMS (with push and pull messaging and sessions maintained between messages).


The Fundamo Access Channel Architecture fulfils the following three objectives:

  1. It provides our customers with a platform that can facilitate multiple access channels i.e. the core Fundamo product is access channel independent.
  2. It provides our customers with a platform for rapidly deploying new access channels as and when a need for a new access channel arises.
  3. It provides Fundamo with easily manageable software architecture for maintaining multiple access channels through the use of generic, reusable, and access channel software components.


It should also be noted that the usability, communication costs and security characteristics of each channel may mean that a client chooses not to deploy the entire mobile offering on every channel, but that focus would be on those elements most appropriately delivered on each channel. 




Fundamo is essentially a banking enabler and consequently places large emphasis on the security of every transaction, making sure that we not only comply with banking security regulations but also in many instances exceed them. As an indication of our high security standards, our systems have been thoroughly analyzed by Standard Bank, Africa’s largest bank, as part of their due diligence process and audited by KPMG (International Auditors).


Each module has been developed with highest banking security standards and has been developed to support five key security features required for financial transacting i.e.

  • Authentication: It is possible to ascertain the transaction origin, which means it is not possible for an unauthorized party to masquerade as the transacting party.
  • Authorisation: The right to perform a predefined action is limited to the parties with the appropriate access.
  • Integrity:  The receiver of the transaction can verify that the message has not been modified in transit. This is to ensure that it is not possible to substitute a false transacting message for a legitimate one.
  • Non-Repudiation: A sender is not able to deny that they sent a transacting message.
  • Confidentiality: All data is protected to ensure the strictest of confidentiality.


The Fundamo Security Server makes use of a hardware security module (HSM), IBM crypto card. The security server supports features such as:

  • Key management,
  • PIN generation and printing,
  • PIN verification,
  • Encryption and decryption,
  • Mac’ing,
  • ISO-1 PIN blocks and
  • Dynamic zone keys amongst others.


In conjunction with technology-based security Fundamo has incorporated a number of additional controls and processes to further reduce any potential risks, these added measures include:

  • Segregation of duties
  • Complete audit trails and transaction histories
  • Transaction limits and daily limits
  • Automatic deactivation of a channel if a PIN is incorrectly attempted three times
  • Dual authorisation
  • Well-defined key and PIN management processes etc.




Fundamo’s software has been designed to be used by organisations with millions of customers.  The software has been designed to be both horizontally and vertically partitioned.  This means that it can be load balanced across a number of servers and that the various software layers or modules can be deployed on their own servers.  The software manages this load balancing, including session management across different physical servers.  This capability gives the software the ability to be deployed in a way that ensures high availability with hot fail-over.  This makes the solution highly scaleable with the ability to increase capacity of the installation as and when needed.


Fundamo solutions have been stress tested to over 100 transactions per second in our labs and each year 10’s of millions of payment and banking transactions are completed successfully by our clients on our technology.


Fundamo’s technical consultants are able to advise you on the optimal configuration for your specific purposes.  They will also be able to provide guidelines on when scalability is best achieved through increased server capacity (e.g. increased CPU’s or RAM) and when additional servers should be added in a load-balancing configuration.