Reference Design and Implementation Methodology
This Guide provides a framework for the design and implementation of a Payment Gateway.

The Payment Gateway is an organisation that provides and operates a Fundamo compliant payment solution to key role players

Each Payment Gateway will differ in its design and implementation, hence the content is not prescriptive, but serves as a guideline and reference material.

It has been prepared for a wide audience, including business executives and managers, system integrators and project managers. It is based on the Product Architecture, and provides the decision frameworks, plans, templates and checklists to implement a Payment Gateway.

The Design Guide has been compiled as a methodology that will help facilitate an effective implementation.

It has specific characteristics that will
  • serve as a design guideline
  • assist in implementation planning
  • reduce implementation times
  • ensure cost effective implementation
  • support decision making
  • serve as reference material

Design Guide Context

In support of the Guide are a series of supporting documents that help with the approach. The design guide comprises six sections; the focus areas include an Overview, Business processes, Technical IT infrastructure, Organisation design, Financial modelling and Sourcing options.

The Overview introduces the contents and usage requirements of the design, provides a high level overview of a Payment Gateway, defines the business environment and addresses a number of strategic management issues.

The Business process checklist details the business processes required to run the Fundamo solution in a Payment Gateway. The process designs are based on the Product Architecture requirements.

The IT infrastructure provides a reference framework for Payment Gateway management decision-making regarding the choice of IT infrastructure design and provides information that will expedite IT infrastructure deployment.

The Organisation Design aims to align with the strategy to ensure the realisation of strategic goals and objectives. This section also includes a framework for the training needed to establish the Payment Gateway and training guidelines for the Fundamo product.

The Finance Model introduces a Generic Finance Model. It assists in gaining an understanding of the variables and assumptions within it. It also strives to emphasise the more important areas of the Model by highlighting the key revenue and expenditure drivers.

Sourcing Options. Included in this section are the different sourcing alternatives or options available to the Payment Gateway to develop the necessary capabilities and competencies

The Approach
The Reference design defines the Payment Gateway and its relative position within the business environment.

An enterprise wide approach has been taken in identifying the business processes required to manage a Payment Gateway and support the Fundamo concept. The underlying approach used throughout the Implementation guide is one of participative project management. Involving stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the project reinforces this.

Stakeholders will be involved in-group discussions to create and evolve the project formation. Regular meetings and feedback sessions to the stakeholders will be conducted throughout the lifecycle of the project.

The aim of the Implementation guide is to offer insight and direction into the effort required achieving a successful implementation of the Payment Gateway