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The Value Proposition for Additive Mobile Financial Services.

The strategic reasons for additive mobile banking are extremely compelling. With the increasing requirement for convenience from consumers in developed economies and the essential need to provide access to financial services to consumers with limited access to other electronic channels mobile banking provides the solution.

By offering Mobile Banking as an additional electronic channel Banks have a significant opportunity to reduce cost by maximising existing infrastructure and reducing further investment in expensive infrastructures such as branches and ATM networks, whilst also opening up other potential revenue streams. Mobile banking provides excellent opportunities to existing programs, such as branchless banking and self service banking, in the financial services industry.

Fundamo Mobile Banking: This enables "additive banking" by providing mobile channels to enable services to existing banking clients. For banks, the Fundamo Mobile Banking technology delivers improved service provision, and a cost benefit in terms of increased "self service" banking through an additional "electronic" channel - i.e. the mobile device. The Fundamo Mobile Banking product can deployed separately or as part of the Fundamo Enterprise Mobile Financial Services Platform with Mobile Wallets, so that both products can be accommodated off the same enterprise platform.

The Fundamo Enterprise Edition provides well defined connections and the option to run a number of alternate business models, including the extension of existing consumer and merchant services to a broad serviceable market.

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