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Cell Life: Our Involvement

Cell-Life is dedicated to the provision of an innovative technology-based platform for communication, information and logistical support, required to manage HIV/Aids in Africa. Designed to be an affordable medical information management system, the solution uses a combination of cellular technology and the Internet to closely monitor adherence of HIV+ patients to antiretroviral (ARV) medication - a vital factor to ensure the effectiveness of these drugs.

The scope of the Cell-Life solution, however, is much wider. The system supports monitoring and intervention programmes needed for large scale management of any infectious or chronic disease, such as cholera, malaria, herpes, etc. It holds the potential too for many other innovative applications.

Fundamo is a patron of Cell-Life and supports the organisation by assisting where possible. This involves technical co-operation, introductions to people who can help and any other assistance that can be given, based on Fundamo’s skills, relationships and experience.

In the past Fundamo staff have worked with Cell-Life on a number of initiatives, and the Cell-Life technical staff have benefited from Fundamo’s technical know-how though investigations of how systems deployment could assist their work.

Fundamo is committed to the objectives that Cell-Life is trying to achieve and sees synergy between its approach and our domain of interest.

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