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Why Fundamo: The Benefits

At a business level the benefits include:
  • A suite of mobile solutions for banking and transacting that have a clear business case and that can be incrementally deployed enabling you to build up your mobile banking and payments offering as your business grows
  • Proven technology that is built from the ground up around the benefits of mobile transacting and technology
  • A company with a track record
  • Deployment skills from a team that has deployed the solution numerous times and will guide you through the process from project initiation to launch
  • Interoperability across mobile operators, banks and other Fundamo deployments
  • Easy implementation
  • Secure, guaranteed and real-time payments
  • Developed to enable our customers to provide affordable/inexpensive transacting to their customers
  • Complete administrative and support features to assist with running the business
At a technological level the benefits include:
  • The technology we build at Fundamo is designed to co-exist with your current technology and banking infrastructure while opening up new business opportunities which will assist you to add new services and revenue opportunities to your existing offerings.
  • A Fundamo solution can be deployed on a number of mainstream infrastructures Ė and is only limited by your current needs and your future vision. From entry-level to high-end solutions the technology is scalable and new modules can be incorporated to support your business strategy and growth phases.
  • The technology is proven, robust and scalable to very high transaction volumes and has shown itself to be a suitable technology platform for the most demanding of enterprises and environments.
At a customer level the benefits include:
  • Convenience
  • Real-time/instant payments
  • Highly secure banking
  • Direct control over banking and payments
  • Affordability
  • Services where they didnít traditionally exist
  • New functionality
  • Access to new transactional opportunities