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Fundamo Partners and Resellers

At Fundamo we believe that the success of any company can rest in the hands of the company you keep. That said, we have partnered with a number of great technology, services and value-added partners who we believe often make the difference where others have failed. Fundamo partners are made up of a select group of internationally recognised partners and organisations that are widely acknowledged as leaders in their respective fields.

The partners

Gemplus is a global provider of SIM and Smart Card technology. Fundamo and Gemplus have been working together, through a comprehensive worldwide distribution agreement, since 2003. Through this agreement Gemplus may resell the Fundamo solutions.

Mosaic Software, an S1 Company
Working through a collaboration agreement concluded in 2004, Fundamo and Mosaic Software have jointly agreed to ‘promote’ each other’s products. Mosaic Software, an S1 company, is a software development and implementation organisation and is a leader in the world market for electronic funds transfer (EFT) and financial services transaction processing.

MasterCard Vendor Programme
As an active and consistent player in the mobile transacting space, Fundamo values its relationships with international financial organisations, one of which is MasterCard, having been a member of its vendor programme since 2002.

Verean is a global mobile solutions provider, focusing specifically on mobile commerce and transactional enablement within the Asia Pacific region. Fundamo and Verean have partnered to provide mobile payment and transactive solutions to the Asia Pacific market.

Regional resellers
Fundamo currently has a number of resellers in each of these regions, Africa, Middle East and South America in addition to its global relationships with Gemplus and Mosaic Software.