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Mobile Payment Solutions - Optional Modules

Not all customers are the same, and it is with this in mind that at Fundamo we also offer customers a number of enabling mobile payment modules, which can be used by those who need additional features and/or functionality. These optional enablers can be licensed and implemented as and when they are needed in line with your business strategy.

Optional enablers/modules include:
  • Extra channels offers support for different mobile technologies. Fundamo can support SIM Browsers (WIG and [email protected]), SIM Toolkit (STK), Structured SMS, WAP, Java phones, IVR and a number of different GSM POS devices. The solution has also been designed to enable the easy and rapid addition of new channels. The solutions also include an Internet front-end enabling end-users to transact from an Internet browser.
  • Transactional account a focused account management module which can be used as the value store for transactions if the applications are not deployed in conjunction with an existing bank account or bank switch. Fundamo supports all the required administrative features to register and support stand-alone customers.
  • Multiple account support provides the ability to open more than one transactional account per customer, possibly in different currencies. This also allows for the transferring of funds between transactional accounts using operator defined parameters and exchange rates.
  • Card issuing provides the ability to issue a card on the account and to process ATM and POS transactions. This module also seamlessly integrates the card and mobile products and has card management abilities. As an example, the customer has the ability to manage his own card from the phone, like deactivating a missing card, or changing a PIN, etc.
  • Shared platform support provides the ability to operate the applications and the accounts in a multi-bank, multi-mobile operator environment (differs from interoperable below). All the required management and settlement features are supported, and it is ideal for organisations wishing to operate the products as a service for multiple banks and mobile operators.
  • Interoperable transacting enables real-time interoperable transactions across different Fundamo installations.
  • 3rd party application development toolkit a set of interfaces and frameworks to develop personalised applications that make use of the underlying mobile deployment, transactional and security features of the Fundamo products.
  • Security server a security server with key management, PIN generation, PIN verification and HSM abilities that can be used as a complete security solution for the Fundamo applications.
  • Reporting database provides a data environment for extracting management and other usage reports.