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Mobile Solutions for Business

Businesses, ranging from the largest enterprises to the smallest shops, can benefit from banking and transacting using mobile payment technologies. Fundamo solutions for businesses provide customers with the ability to package a suite of mobile applications meeting the needs of the business sector.

Examples of applications to this market include, but are not exclusive to:

Business mobile banking

Enables the merchant to receive payments and make refunds, provide basic banking features such as balance enquiries, mini-statements, fax statement requests, inter-account transfers, account detail requests and the ability to change the mobile banking PIN.

Airtime vending

Enables a merchant to vend prepaid airtime from their mobile phones or a GSM POS device. The airtime can be distributed using virtual vouchers or can be directly applied to the customerís prepaid airtime account.

Prepaid electricity vending

Enables a merchant to vend prepaid airtime from their mobile phone or a GSM POS device.

Other vending

Enables a merchant to vend any commodity that can be delivered via a mobile phone or a GSM POS device.

Bill collecting

Provides a merchant with the means to collect payments and settle their customersí bills from their mobile phone or a GSM POS device. The customerís billing information is captured as part of the payment and transmitted to the bill receiver.

Mini-ATM with cash deposit and withdrawal functionality

Supports deposit and withdrawal transactions on a mobile phone or a GSM POS device which can be used to collect and dispense cash from the merchantís till.

Delivery payments, providing an alternative to cash on delivery payments

Enables a merchant to make a payment for goods from their mobile phone at the time of delivery. The delivery information, e.g. the invoice number or delivery note number, is captured and transmitted to the supply company as part of the payment. The delivery person receives confirmation of the payment on their mobile phone or a GSM POS device.

Business to business (B2B) payments

Enables real-time payments between businesses, payments to accounts in other banks and the ability to define short names on the phone for businesses that are regularly paid.

Fundamoís mobile payment solutions for business include: Business mobile banking; Airtime vending; Prepaid electricity vending; Other vending; Bill collecting; Mini ATMs; Delivery payments; Business to business payments.