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Mobile Solutions for Individuals

Fundamo solutions extend to a collection of mobile banking and transactional applications designed to meet the needs of the individual or sole proprietor.

Examples of applications to this market include, but are not exclusive to:

Mobile banking

Provides basic banking features such as balance enquiries, mini-statements, fax statement requests, inter-account transfers, account detail requests and the ability to change the mobile banking PIN.

Person to person (P2P) payments

Enables real-time person-to-person payments, payments to accounts at other banks and the ability to define short names on the phone for people and merchants that are regularly paid.

Prepaid airtime purchases

Provides the ability to purchase prepaid airtime for yourself or any other person and supports the distribution of virtual vouchers or the direct recharge of the airtime value in your prepaid airtime account.

Prepaid electricity purchases

Enables the purchase of prepaid electricity tokens directly from the mobile phone.

Bill payments

An application providing for notification of bill amounts due and the ability to pay the bill from the mobile phone.

Card mobile enablement

Provides the capability for a customer to manage their bank card from their mobile phone. Features available include the ability to link a new card to the account, temporarily deactivate the card to prevent use at an ATM or POS, reactivate a card for use, and the ability to change the card PIN.

Mobile authentication

Enables customers to authenticate themselves by entering their mobile banking PIN on the mobile phone in response to a message that is sent to the phone. This can be used for 2-factor authentication e.g. to log onto an Internet site, to identify oneself to a call centre, to authorise a payment, etc.

Fundamo’s mobile payment solutions for individuals include: Mobile banking; Person to Person payments; Prepaid airtime purchases; Prepaid electricity purchases; Bill payments; Card mobile enablement; Mobile authentication.