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Who should be talking to us?

Anyone who wishes to embrace mobile transactional services should be speaking to Fundamo. The organisationís customers include any company which is interested in providing services within the financial transacting arena using a mobile platform, and is in a position to.

A Fundamo solution will enable you to become more involved in the value chain of virtual and electronic transactions, beyond the mere facilitation of payments. These solutions are not exclusive to banks, but extend to enterprises which have the ability, capacity and customer base to provide banking, payments and other transactional services from a mobile device.

You need to speak to us if you are a:
  • Bank
  • Payment processor
  • Payment switch
  • Service provider e.g. GSM payphone operator
  • Airtime distributor
  • Mobile operator
  • Any organisation wishing to do banking, payments and other transactions from mobile devices
Do you:
  • Need a suite of applications that enable mobile banking and transacting?
  • Want to start a mobile bank, providing customers a transactional banking offering based on mobile phones and mobile enabled cards?
  • Want to execute a shared infrastructure to provide a mobile payments solution operated as a service for a number of banks?
  • Want to extend your current banking offering with a powerful suite of mobile applications?
  • Have a need for a vending platform for a dealer network for commodities such as airtime and electricity?
  • Want a cash on delivery replacement for corporates delivering goods to remote merchants?
  • Want a payment solution for consumers buying content, airtime and paying bills from their phones?
  • Want a mobile person-to-person (P2P) payment facility that can substitute payments with cash, cheques or money transfers?