Fundamo Company Profile


We make it our business to think about the next wave of mobile technology. How to incorporate future technologies into existing ones. Or design technologies flexible and modular enough to slot into future channels.


On our journey over the last eight years we have been privileged to participate and share in the creation of a completely new industry. Covering the space of Mobile banking, mobile payments, m-commerce and other related areas, it is here to stay and is changing the way we transact and interact with one another. 


We are proud of our contribution and the impact our clients are having and so we would like to share some of our thoughts, coverage and research with you as you explore this exciting new space.


Our experience shows us that technology alone does not make our solutions fly. We believe solutions must be grounded on sound business principles. A clear bottom line. That’s why we only offer mobile transacting solutions that have a solid business case.

  • Our technology is proven. Your venture won’t be a test case.
  • Deployment is in phases. You may build up your mobile offering as your business grows.
  • The solutions are interoperable across mobile operators, banks and other Fundamo deployments.
  • Payments are secure, guaranteed and real-time.
  • Transacting is inexpensive.
  • Complete administrative and support features assist you with running the business.


With our strong financial services background. Fundamo also understands the banking environment extremely well. We instinctively apply a rigour and discipline that other software companies less familiar with it might not. No square pegs for round holes.


Our regulatory expertise and knowledge of banking standards further ensure fast integration of your solution to banking infrastructures and systems. This means that your time-to-market is significantly reduced.