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As the world´s largest specialist mobile financial services provider, Fundamo has the expertise to build the technologies, the experience to build the businesses and the vision to build the industry.


Fundamo is a global, specialised mobile financial services solutions provider. The company was founded in 2000 and has been visionary in predicting the trend towards providing financial services through mobile phones and the impact this will have on the delivery of financial services, in both developing and developed markets.


The company has established its leadership position based on a history of technical innovation and successful deployments. This knowledge ensures that its clients will always hit their target markets with the right offerings, appropriately packaged and effectively deployed. With over 30 successful deployment projects in over 20 countries, Fundamo´s technology and deployment strategy is proven.


Fundamo´s leadership team has a strong background in the financial services industry and has applied the stringent design principles required for secure banking systems, whilst also taking full advantage of the unique characteristics of the mobile phone and the mobile user experience. This new style of mobile financial system represents a powerful convergence of the rigour of banking systems and the convenience, simplicity and ubiquity of mobile.

Best in Class Technology.

From its inception Fundamo has been committed to providing best in class technology and making the concomitant investment in research and development to provide an evolving roadmap that is relevant to the market. This has become even more important in recent times. With mobile banking and payments moving into mainstream adoption, the requirement from clients is shifting from point solutions (short-term) to establishing a platform for growth (re-use), which will serve their current and future needs.

Collaborating for Success.

A key element of Fundamo´s strategy is to work in collaboration with specialist organisations to effectively meet the needs of our clients in a rapidly accelerating global mobile financial services market. We are proud to work with blue chip organisations such as Accenture, Gemalto, Western Union, S1, Postilion, and others across the many exciting and complex dimensions of this business.

Global Coverage.

Fundamo is today a global company with clients in 20 countries. The company also has direct and partner business operations in many more.

Sound Business Performance.

Fundamo is well geared for continued growth. The company has a very strong and committed blue chip investor base who share in Fundamo´s vision. The company has delivered excellent business results, with strong revenue and capacity growth, has been operating profitably and continues a significant investment in research and development of around 35% of annual revenues, to maintain its technology leadership position.

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