Benefits for Mobile Operator Solutions


As the proliferation of mobile technologies has grown, mobile devices have outstripped various fixed devices as one of the widest reaching forms of ensuring that individuals are constantly networked and are always-on, providing a platform for instantaneous mobile transactions and interactive communication.

It is against this backdrop that Mobile banking, and within that the use of mobile devices for mobile payment transactions, has enjoyed phenomenal growth in both the consumer and business markets.


Mobile payments and transactions are a means to transact with customers or person to person no matter where they are geographically and without the limitations of fixed technology infrastructure. The most powerful aspect of mobile financial technologies is the ability to allow for banking, payments and other transactions outside of the traditional services offered - which could not have otherwise been done before.


Mobile banking and payments worldwide is receiving significant focus from the big industry players from both banking and the mobile operators. It is a convergence of two very powerful industries to provide a much more pervasive and accessible channel for the delivery of banking , payment and other financial services.


It is viewed as the essential strategy for emerging markets to reach the vast communities of un-banked and under-banked consumers and it is also the essential strategy for reaching the very sophisticated communities who have adopted a mobile, always on the go lifestyle. It therefore again straddles all the layers of the economic pyramid with relevance to a vast number of consumers.


There are some key initiatives such as the Mobile Money Transfer initiative driven by the GSM association that is pointing to mobile playing a key role in the delivery of financial services in the future.


Mobile banking and payments is now seeing mainstream adoption, with a wide variety of business models and players participating in the service delivery. Herewith a few examples:

  • Banks view it as an extension of their electronic channels and self-service banking strategy
  • Mobile Operators view it as a strategic value added service to their subscriber base
  • Strategic partnerships between mobile operators and banks are created to offer a combined service in order to reach new markets and to innovate unique offerings
  • 3rd Party payment processors view it as the provision of a shared service to participating banks and mobile operators


Fundamo can provide the solution to all of the above business models, in particular for mobile operators:

  • Fundamo will enable operators to provide rich mobile applications on top of an existing bank account
  • Fundamo will enable operators to provide rich mobile applications integrated to its own mobile wallet or act as a transactional bank
  • Fundamo’s Mobile banking solution supports multiple banks, multiple handsets and implement secure transactions


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