Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Platform incorporates two primary architectural components:

The Connection Platform

The Connection Platform is a powerful messaging engine that distributes transaction data via flexible connection interfaces, high-speed message queues, configurable routing, and built-in financial accounting. It connects Fundamo applications to the wider financial ecosystem, the mobile network, and the internal enterprise.

The Connection Platform is the message handler and routing engine, consisting of connectors and business logic, for example:

  1. Routing and distribution "definition of rules for routing consumer transaction requests to the appropriate connector or transactional account
  2. Fundamo connectors "interface connections for linking the platform and financial networks, the internal enterprise and consumers (account holders / channel)
  3. Settlement accounting "the accounting rules and entries that record financial positions between the connectors and transactional accounts (brand groups)

Platform owners can customise connectors using the API to connect to any external system such as:

  • M-Commerce & E-Commerce platforms
  • Mobile Billing Platforms

The Brand Groups

The Brand Groups provide transaction processing, rule validation, and regulatory compliance. A Brand Group is a virtual container representing a separate legal entity that provides consumers with mobile financial services under a specific brand. The owner of a Brand Group sets up and administers their consumer offerings within a specific Brand Group. Brand Groups can be configured for everything from languages, currencies and regulatory requirements to business rules, validation rules and transaction rules.

The Brand Group is a legal entity within the Fundamo platform for which consumer services are configured along with business rules and revenue models for that specific legal entity, such as a Mobile Operator or other service provider. Back-office administration and customer support is performed at Brand Group level and no customer data is shared among Brand Groups, which makes is it possible to set up an unlimited number of Brand Groups, mobile financial services products and account holders.

The Brand Group layer contains the feature-rich transaction processing engine of Fundamo Enterprise Edition, optimised for the real-time messaging requirements of Mobile Financial Services, and can contain one or more mobile financial services products as well as account-holder information. Account-holder information is relevant to each product, as some products require different Know Your Client (KYC) data than other products and need to be configured accordingly. It is possible to set up an unlimited number of Brand Groups, mobile financial services products and account holders.